Welcome Back, Dave!

Welcome Back, Dave!

We are so happy to introduce you to our new addition to the team, Dave Whittenberg, our Production Manager!

Here's a little note from Dave:

It is a gift when a man finds something that he truly loves to do, but if he leaves it and has an opportunity to return, it is truly a blessing. Enjoying your work and finding purpose in what you do is a great feeling.

It is with great joy that I am returning to Watson Homes to work as the Production Manager. My background has been in housing and construction related work since 1983. Building material sales, residential construction and construction related sales and services have been the avenues that have shaped my skillset to this point.

I have worked with Kevin, both as my customer and as my employer in different capacities since 1991. I have been involved in the building of over 150 new homes. My favorite part of the building process is determining what the homeowner wants or needs and seeing how to create their home with these attributes. I feel responsible to Watson Homes, to our homeowners, to our sub-contractors and to our suppliers. Supporting the interests of all those parties is both a pleasure and a challenge.

A large part of what I do is what I consider facilitating. The challenge is to get to know the client, to find the right components for the house and to get those items brought together in the most efficient way to yield that dream home. The blending of personalities between the homeowner, our sub-contractors and the suppliers takes efforts and energy.

On a personal note, I am married to my beautiful wife, Susan. We worship at Four Winds Church in Conway, where I am blessed to serve as a Shepherd (Elder). I enjoy walking with my wife, Bible reading and my guilty pleasure is social media. My wife and I have enjoyed competitive running and walking. Since 2010, I have completed 68 half marathons and 15 full marathons. My running days are behind me, but I still walk 35-40 miles a week.

I used to say that what I lacked in experience I made up for in youthful enthusiasm, but lately, it is what I lack in youthful enthusiasm, I make up for in experience."

Dave’s main purpose is to create a mesh point and connection with all facets of the construction process. Follow up customer service, quality control, and on-site meetings and walk-throughs are all under his umbrella. After Dave becomes involved, he will be with the homeowner until he hands you the keys.

To contact Dave, email him at dave@watsonhomesinc.com or call him at 501-358-8228!

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