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Custom Homes

Make Yourself A Home

We specialize in building quality custom homes that our clients love because we believe you should feel at home in your house. Want to explore building a home, but don’t know where to start? Check out our process or contact us today!

The Building Process

Over the years, we have learned how to give our clients the best home building experience possible. We do this by being with you every step of the way and prioritizing good, honest communication. This ensures a quality custom home every time!

Michelle Watson opening a door

Step 1: Location, Location, Location!

The building site for your new home is just as important as the home you choose to put on it. Making sure the area, atmosphere, and especially the specific location is key to ensuring total home satisfaction.Watson Homes has a great inventory of available home sites that are ready to build on. Another alternative is to build your new home on property that you already own! We can also use our vast knowledge of the Central Arkansas area to assist you in finding the "just right" location.

Piles of floor plans

Step 2: Design

The design elements that go into the planning phase of the process are vital to the overall success of building your home. During this step, we take our time and use our experience to advise you and assist you to ensure we deliver the best we can offer.We listen to your ideas, wants, and needs to build an exceptional and unique custom plan for your home. We have a large inventory of plans to use as a springboard for ideas to get you started. We also welcome our clients to bring in plans that they’ve designed. Combining efforts is always best!

Kevin Watson

Step 3: Budget

As with all of our clients, your "financial comfort zone" is important. We understand how essential it is to not only find the right location and design, but to ensure the home fits your financial goals as well. The budget is an integral part of the building process at our company.Over the years, we have developed an easy to follow budgeting format that allows you to stay informed of all the financial decisions made during your home construction. We communicate often to ensure that you are satisfied with the customized plan and budget we develop.

Watson Homes building materials

Step 4: Details

Attention to detail is where we really excel. Our design center carries most of the products used in the home building process. This allows you to see the amenities and the details that will go into your home.We stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in home energy efficiency and have local vendors and supplies ready to assist you with your choices as well. We care about the smallest of details - especially the energy efficiency of your home!

Watson Homes team member

Step 5: "Constructive" Communication

The construction phase is where it all comes together. All the planning, designing, and selections combine to make your truly creative and exceptional custom home come to life.We have a wealth of tried and true subcontractors and craftsmen who understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Our production team is on-site and on task to oversee that the progress, attention to detail, and quality of your home build is carried through.We believe involving our clients in the production phase is important, and we welcome your input on-site. We understand that it is YOUR HOME!

Looking for a Move-in Ready Home?

Check out a few of our current listings of already built homes in one of our communities. Contact our team to find your dream home.

Looking to Sell Your Current Home?

Watson Home’s Trading Places program allows you to build your new home NOW without the worry of immediately selling your current home.