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Home Care

Closing Your Pool for Winter

Custom home built by Watson Homes

Summer is coming to an end. School is starting. Cool weather is coming. That means it is time to close your pool. While closing your pool is probably a bit easier than opening your pool each year, you don't have the same level of excitement or anticipation to rely on for motivation. For that reason, we are going to try to make it just a little bit easier on you by giving you a few reminders for commonly forgotten steps.1. Don't Close Too EarlyYou want to wait until temperatures are consistently cool so that you reduce your risk for algae growth. If you close too soon, you could get a nasty result.

2. Remove Accessories/Equipment

If it is detachable, such as a ladder, skimmer basket, pump, etc., remove it, clean it, and store it in a dry place for the winter. This will keep them safe from damage or deterioration from the elements.

3. Make Sure It's Clean

You don't want to close your pool while it is still dirty. Get as much dirt and filth out of the bottom and off of the sides as possible so that there is less chance for bacteria growth and so that the dirt doesn't have the chance to rub and damage your pool throughout the winter and spring.

4. Test, Balance, and Shock

Follow your manufacturer's guidelines for proper water balance and then shock your pool again before closing.

5. Choose An Appropriate Cover

There are different types of covers you can choose for your pool. The proper cover depends on your location and the severity of your winter weather. Do your research and choose the best cover to fit your needs.Don't have the time to do all of the things necessary to close your pool this year? Call our good friend, Jeremy Lawson, at Luxury Pools and Spas at 501-327-1772. He will get you taken care of so that opening your pool next summer is easy and smooth.