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Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your New Home

Living room with decorations

Owning a new construction home presents virtually endless possibilities, and many of those possibilities come to life during the holiday season. If you’re spending Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Festivus for the first time in your new home, try out some of these holiday decorating ideas to make the place festive.Place a Wreath on the Front DoorCurb appeal matters. Plus, you’ll like seeing the wreath every time you pull into the driveway.Wreaths are both a classic holiday decoration and one of the most versatile, ranging from traditional evergreen or birch twig options to eclectic Grinch and metallic options. You’ll be able to find one that matches your home’s architecture and colors. Consider one with your monogram so people visiting can more easily find the house.(A monogram is preferable to your full name, as anyone with malicious intent won’t know what name to address you with.)

Adorn Interior Doorways with Decor

Aside from hanging mistletoe, interior doorways are one of the most overlooked decorating opportunities. They’re the perfect transition to a feature room that you’d like to highlight.The decor you choose for an interior doorway can either be seasonal or not specific to a holiday. Stars can be only for the season or kept up year-round, for example. Just match the decor to the room you want to feature and arrange it so that people see the decorations when entering the room.

Set Up a Minibar

Whether used for cocktails, punch, or eggnog, a minibar is classy and fun during the holidays. You can purchase a basic cart fairly inexpensively, and then stock it with some preferred liquors, a shaker, an ice chest, drinkware and garnishes.It’s up to you whether the minibar stays up after the holidays, but chances are you’ll want to keep the setup. Alternatively, the cart can be used for storage, flowers or other purposes.

Simmer Mulled Cider or Wine

Decorating is usually limited to visual appeal, but mulled cider or wine will create a multi-sensory setting. Aromas will fill your new home’s kitchen and nearby rooms, and the drink will be delicious and warming when you want a mug.To make the beverage, pour either into a crockpot or pot. Add a dash of lemon or lime juice, standard pumpkin pie spices and some halved oranges/tangerines. Put whole cloves into the oranges’ skin for a unique look, and consider a pinch of ginger for depth. Heat on low for anywhere from an hour to half-day, and store extra in the fridge.

Place Clementines and Pomegranates

Need to create some space in your kitchen? Put a bowl of clementines and/or pomegranates in your dining room or living room. They look good, and they’re a healthier snack than chocolate or cookies.As a convenience to guests, hide some holiday napkins in a nearby drawer to wipe off juice with.

Improvise a Makeshift Mantel

If your new construction home doesn’t have a fireplace, create an improvised mantel by purchasing weights that will hold stockings. Wood and metal weights are available in a variety of styles, and they’re perfect for holding stockings on a bookshelf. Heavy bookends also work well if you have them.To remind you of the season, put up these stockings early on. You can set out milk and cookies for something to do on Christmas Eve, if you celebrate.

Make Pinecone Fire Starters

Wood fireplaces aren’t common in new homes, but you’ll want to take full advantage if you do have one. Ensure that logs are always set up, and make a few pinecone starters for special holiday appeal.To make pinecone fire starters, melt wax in a double boiler. Use a string to dip pinecones so that they’re coated and then set to dry. The fire starter will burn quite a while, certainly long enough to catch some logs.

Hide Speakers with Pinecones

While holiday music is delightful, the appearance of a speaker usually isn’t. Hide your speaker with pinecones, which are perfectly sized for most modern, small systems. You can either place a few loose in front of the speaker or several in a bowl if you have a slightly larger system.Plain pinecones can be readily gathered during the fall, or you can purchase frosted white ones -- a Christmas tree might even come with some. If you have children, decorating pinecones is a fun holiday activity.

Have Fun This Holiday Season in Your New Construction Home

The holidays are always a special time of year, and even more so when you’re spending them for the first time in a new home. Have fun making your house festive!