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How to Host the Perfect Game Day

Kitchen area

Is there really any better season than football season??? You've got cooler weather, food, friends, competition, excitement... did we mention, FOOD? We always look forward to watching the games with family and friends. Hosting game day parties is part of the nostalgia that makes football season the absolute BEST. We have hosted many game day parties and in many different locations. Here are a few tips and tricks we have learned along the way:1. Make your game planThink ahead about the supplies you will need. Think through your menu, number of guests, and timing of the game and then determine what you have and what you still need. You cannot go into game day without a plan. There are no timeouts if you forget something, so make sure you are prepared!

2. Check your playbook

Think about the position of your television and the arrangement of your seating. Make any adjustments to their starting positions to make sure everyone will be comfortable and have plenty of room to jump and cheer for every touchdown or to stomp and yell with every turnover.

3. Select your starting line-up

If you plan to start with some appetizers or light refreshments, make sure those are the most easily accessible items in your refrigerator or pantry. That way, you can roll out the first string of goodies with ease and set yourself up to have easy access to the items you need for the second half.

4. Intercept the mess

Hosting always goes hand in hand with having to clean up after a large group of people. To keep that from being quite so overwhelming, clean a little at time throughout the game. Use timeouts to toss stacks of trash, use commercial breaks to rinse a few dishes and put them in the dishwasher, and use half time to tackle one or two larger messes. This will keep you from spending all of post game in the kitchen.

5. Don't forget to enjoy yourself!

It's easy to get wrapped up in the hosting and forget about the game! Be sure to take a moment to relax. After all, the perfect game day is one simply spent with people you care about.Take all of our above advice, and you will set yourself up to enjoy your game day festivities from kick-off to final score. Oh, and one last thing..... WOOOOOOO PIG SOOIE!