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How to Deal With the Lumber Price Crisis

Lumber Custom home built by Watson Homes

Home has never been more important. With so many Americans spending such significant amounts of time at home due to the pandemic, people have started really considering whether or not their homes are meeting their needs. With lower interest rates, folks are ready to pull the trigger on a new home. For building projects, there is just one problem--the price of lumber. Since demand is high, but production is low, the prices have skyrocketed.

The pandemic saw the closure of many sawmills and factories throughout the US, which created more than a little bit of a supply chain issue for lumber distribution centers. With supply low, but demand high, it quickly became a game of "who can pay the most for the product?"

While this has not hurt those who have the funds to spare for a new build, your average Joe is probably thinking twice about starting a new building project. As builders, we still wanted to be able to offer our clients a new and improved home, but without the inflated price tag.

That's where our remodeling services come in. There are so many opportunities to make small changes to an existing home that will have a big impact on the functionality of the space--all with a much lower price tag than a new home build. Want more kitchen space? A larger dining area? More storage? There are solutions just waiting to be discovered through a remodel consultation.

Email us at, and let’s set up it up! There is always a solution. We can work together to find it.

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