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Home Care

How to Prepare Your Home for an Arkansas Summer

Custom home built by Watson Homes

Winter is officially long gone, and spring is flying by. Is your home ready for the upcoming spring to summer season change? Follow along as we go through five essentials to ensuring your home is prepared for the warmer weather.1. SprinklersAre your sprinklers ready for use? Make sure you test them before summer gets here. There is nothing worse than finding out your sprinklers are no longer working in June—plus, your lawn might not be too happy with you!

2. Preventatives

Before summer gets here, make sure you are keeping those unwanted weeds at bay. A good preventative kills weeds before they come out, which makes taking care of your lawn more manageable.

3. Window Screens

“I just love flies!” said no one ever. Make sure your window screens are correctly installed and check for any holes. There is nothing worse than having a million little insects invade your home.

4. Air Filters

This one is essential! Air filters not only filter the air in your home, but they also help keep the cost of electricity down. We all know Arkansas summers are brutal; make sure you aren’t paying extra money to keep your space nice and cool. When was the last time you changed your air filters?

5. Birds

Have you ever had a bird nest in unwanted areas of your home? We have some tips to help prevent that! Did you know you could place a fake owl or snake on your roof, trees, or porch to prevent birds from nesting? You can also paint the ceiling of your porch blue. This paint trick makes birds think it’s the sky, preventing them from nesting.So, what do you think? Is your home ready for the warmer weather? If not, we hope these five tips give you a solid starting point. If you have any questions about prepping your home for summer, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help!

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