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Unique Home Drainage Systems - Why We Love Modern Rain Chains

Rain chain

Traditional gutter systems are designed to provide rainwater management. They typically aren't the most attractive part of any structure, but they serve a valuable purpose — without them, precipitation runoff simply builds up in the ground directly next to the home, creating significant erosion. Over a matter of time, this will severely damage the foundation. Not having proper drainage systems in place also poses substantial challenges to gardening, damage home exteriors by causing mold infestations, and flood basements. Until the modern rain chain came on the scene, homeowners typically thought of gutters and downspouts as necessary evils that protected homes and yards even if they didn't add visual appeal.

Fortunately, today's homeowners have options beyond traditional gutter and downspout rain management systems. Many people are choosing to use rain chain systems — which are often mistaken for decorative accents rather than something that serves an important purpose. Modern rain chains not only provide pleasing visuals, but they also do a great job redirecting rain away from your foundation. It turns out you can have the best of both worlds — here's what you need to know about why we love them.

Rain Chains Make Beautiful Music

The sound of rain is soothing, refreshing, and for some people, it's even comforting. However, the sound of rain rushing through gutters isn't pleasant at all. Rain chains are designed to produce beautiful sounds that resemble the songs of natural waterfalls in wilderness environments. Rain chains can also be paired with wind chimes to create unique, customized sound experiences.

Rain Chains Are Low Maintenance

Traditional gutters get clogged with leaves and other debris on a regular basis, which means they need to be cleaned to function their best. They are crack, break, and otherwise erode, which means they need to be repaired or replaced. Rain chains don't have these issues, and like many finely well-crafted items, they will look better with age. Rain chains made with copper, for instance, will develop a unique patina as the years go by.

Rain Chains Are Easy to Install

Unlike gutter and downspout systems, installing a rain chain isn't a time-consuming, costly, and complex process. However, rain chains that aren't properly installed can result in the same issues posed by faulty downspouts, so having a professional install them is recommended in most circumstances. One of the main advantages of having a modern rain chain professionally installed is that it can be used to direct water to different areas of the yard where irrigation is needed, such as flower beds, herb gardens, and specimen plants.

Contact Us Today for More Information

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information on how rain chains can add both form and function to your outdoor living space. Keep in mind that there's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to devising the best drainage system for any given property. Some homeowners, particularly those in areas with heavy amounts of rainfall, choose to have both traditional gutters and rain chains, while others prefer to have only rain chains. We'll be glad to discuss drainage options for your new house with you.